The Leadership Skills Programme

The Leadership Skills Programme is a groundbreaking Level 2 programme of learning for developing leadership skills in young people. The programme teaches the young person the leadership skills to be able to deliver maths, English & science sessions to their peers.

Following extensive research with senior staff and headteachers from schools and colleges across the UK, we have developed the Leadership Skills Programme to hone and develop vital leadership skills via practical learning using maths, English or science sessions as the demonstration of leadership element. The programme includes access to unlimited recognition awards for learners and the Level 2 Award in Leadership Skills qualification for up to 75 learners.

Here are just a few reasons why we’ve introduced the Leadership Skills Programme:

  • Nearly 70% of headteachers believed their school’s academic attainment was raised due to delivering a leadership qualification
  • Over 90% believed their students’ confidence was raised through learning leadership skills
  • Over 90% believed their students were more motivated to engage with other staff and students
  • Over 75% of teachers agreed that a leadership qualification would benefit the attainment and employability of students aged 11-18

What do schools get from our qualifications?

  • A cohort of students with a formally recognised qualification who are able to lead and assist in the delivery of core-curricular subjects
  • A ready made, easy to deliver leadership framework which enables students to deliver structured and inclusive core-curricular sessions to younger students
  • Extensive tutor resources that help tutors deliver engaging and educations sessions to aid student progression
  • Session plans including “What makes a good leader?”, “How to effectively work in a team” and “How to become a good leader.”
  • Sessions are comprised of a mixture of discussion, exploration and practical learning delivered through easy to use PowerPoint resources
  • An increase in students’ social and academic confidence
  • More employable students due to increased skills and improved CVs
  • Opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and development

What do the sessions involve?

Through a total of 15 hours, including 10 hours of tutored time, 4 hours of independent learning and 1 hour of demonstration of leadership, students will learn the leadership skills necessary to deliver a fun and engaging maths, English and/or science session with younger students or their peers.

The qualification can be delivered in core-curricular time or as an enrichment/extra-curricular activity.

The leadership sessions use maths, English & science to deliver fun and engaging leadership activities with younger students. Students will plan, lead and evaluate leadership sessions based on 18 downloadable activity cards, including:

  • Maths: Measure how much surface area your school buildings cover, budget for a group meal, or construct a dodecahedron
  • English: Presenting a news report on an important issue in your school, write and perform a spoken word piece with a positive theme
  • Science: Make a cardboard skeleton, explain how the Earth’s tilt gives rise to the seasons as it orbits the sun

What benefits does the qualification bring to your organisation and students?

The Leadership Skills Programme will:

  • Prepare students to become more confident and self-assured
  • Equip students with behaviours and attitudes they need for the next stage of their development
  • Develop desired character traits and behaviours in students
  • Support students’ Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development
  • Support student progression against Progress 8 and Attainment 8 frameworks
  • Improve student character traits in line with Ofsted requirements
  • Increase academic attainment and engagement in core-curriculum subjects
  • Provide an opportunity for peer-to-peer learning

Is the Leadership Skills Programme right for you?

Simply purchase an annual package (per academic year) for £999 and you will receive:

  • Unlimited access to Leadership Skills Programme activities and resources (engaging activity cards & session plans)
  • Up to 75 Level 2 qualifications and unlimited recognition awards for leadership skills (additional Level 2 qualifications can be purchased in addition to the package)
  • Training for one member of staff

Is the Leadership Skills Programme right for you?

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